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Rebecca M. Stadler, Esq.

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A patent provides exclusive rights to the inventor of an invention to prevent others from making, using, selling, or distributing the patented invention without permission. The exclusive rights are limited to twenty years from the filing date of the patent application. In exchange for the exclusive rights of a patent, the inventor provides public disclosure of an invention that has usefulness, has novelty, and is inventive (or not obvious).

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Trademarks are used by businesses as a means to sell goods and services. For many businesses, trademarks are critical to their success. A trademark is used to distinguish the goods and services of one business from those of another business. In addition, a trademark serves to identify the source of the goods and services. The theory behind trademark law is to prevent consumer confusion in the marketplace.

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A copyright provides exclusive rights to an author of an original work to copy, publish, distribute, adapt, perform, and display the original work. Works that are eligible for copyright protection include books, songs, dances, computer programs, movies, sculptures, and paintings. While copyright does not protect ideas, it will protect the expression of ideas.

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A business or individual would require a licensing agreement, in order to authorize another entity to legally access and use their intellectual property.

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Intellectual Property Strategy

Defense, Consulting, Risk Identification, and Risk Mitigation. We are able to identify the risks you face and the potential defenses you could raise in the world of intellectual property law.

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Intellectual Property Portfolio Management

Intellectual property can be thought of as protecting ideas and other products of the mind. Intellectual property provides a set of exclusive rights to an individual who has produced an intangible asset. In this way, intellectual property is less tangible than real property that has a geographical location with definite boundaries.

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Pioneering IP solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Stadler IP Law’s roots are planted in Buffalo, NY—a city whose innovation and groundbreaking inventions have far surpassed its small size. In addition to becoming the first U.S. city with electric streetlights, Buffalo has birthed several world-changing technologies, including the air conditioner, the pacemaker, and the grain elevator.

That pioneering spirit is alive and well, and inspires us to craft tailored solutions for the inheritors of that legacy—the inventors and innovators of today. Stadler IP Law’s services, including portfolio strategy, patents, trademarks, copyright and licensing, ensure that our clients reap the benefits of their own intellectual property.

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Perhaps you’re an artist or a writer with copyright concerns? We address these questions and more in Pirate Fight Club.

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